4 Car Rental Hacks To Save Time & Money


Getting a car rental can be expensive especially if you are going for a long distance journey. The situation gets worse if you are a poor time manager. However, this does not have to be the case. You can save much money on your car rental by applying simple tricks. There are always loopholes to help you keep an extra dime. These car rental hacks can be used by anyone who travels regularly or uses long term car rental services.

Prepay to save more than 20%

Most car rental agencies offer two different rates. The prepaid rate is usually cheaper than the price for pickups. If you book your car rental online, look for companies that provide discounts on prepaid. Transferiste Car Rental is among such companies that offer huge discounts for early booking. You can book two weeks in advance and save more than 20%. If you pay for more extended periods, they guarantee a cut. Another advantage that they offer is that you get the car on time. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you can pick your vehicle without having to wait in the queue for processing.

Find coupons and save big

Do not be quick to payout with cash. Before you pay for your car rental, try coupon sleuthing for codes that apply to your package. You can also combine your coupons with other discounts such as loyalty program discounts to save more money. If you have a good loyalty discount combined with your coupons you can save up to 50% of the car rental price.

Ask For Discounts

The first thing you should ask about when going for a car rental is the discount policy. All car rental companies have a discount program. Some programs target special groups such as military personnel, seniors, corporate, students or other groups. Some companies also offer rentals based on destination. For instance, most online booking companies give discounts on car rental airport transfers. You get a discount for using their services when you land in a new city. Other go to the extent of giving you hotels discounts.

Return Car Earlier Than Expected

Adding a few extra hours or days gives you the time to manage your program. It also helps you get a discount and save some money. Most car rental companies will provide you with a prorated refund for returning the car early. By adding a few hours to your expected return time may be bargaining for a better deal. It is also a good way of securing the return time if you are not sure of the traffic on the road. Returning the car late usually attracts charges that may increase your overall rate by more than 50%.


You can save a lot of money and time by applying any of the above hacks. Make sure you understand your packages, discounts and use coupons to book as part of a package. If you travel regularly, you can attract even better rates by choosing companies that reward loyal customers. You can also save on fuel by using discounts and promo codes.